Privacy Policy


Appointed Person with responsibility for Data Protection:         Roland Bellido        Registered with the ICO:  Yes

Information Held

The following information is collected: Client name, address, date of birth, email address, phone numbers, emergency contact details, information about any medical conditions/injuries that may affect their ability to ride, any medication they take, in order to pass on to emergency services in the case of an accident. Information the client chooses to provide about their riding ability and their horse in order to help me best tailor coaching to the clients requirements.

Details of any incidents/accidents involving my clients will also be recorded and stored.

Data Collection

Data is collected over the phone, via Facebook messenger, email, or text in order to book appointments and take contact details.

Further information as detailed above is collected when the client fills in a rider registration form.

Data Processing and Consent

By requesting a lesson and my offering to provide that service constitutes a contract. Data will be processed to meet our legal contractual obligations and provide you with the best possible service. You can withdraw your consent but then I would not be able to continue to teach you.  I have “legitimate” interest in collecting basic information about you so I can provide safe and professional service for you.

Making contact with you to respond to enquiries, confirm appointments and update you on matters relating to your coaching sessions  constitutes as legitimate interest to you as a client.

For any marketing activities - explicit consent will be obtained by asking you to opt in on the Rider Registration sheet. We would like to send you the occasional newsletters/special offer/ update of events etc. The program used for distributing email newsletters is Mailchimp. If you consent your email address will be stored on a Mailchimp Account. There is a link at the bottom of the newsletter to unsubscribe from this service or you can contact me at any time to be removed from this list.

If clients return for coaching after a year or more I will recheck their preferences for appointment conformation/reminders and for receiving newsletters.

I do not communicate directly with clients under the age of 16, all communication will go through their parent/guardian.  The parent/guardian will be asked to fill in the Rider Registration form.

Data Storage

Online data for contacting patients and to book appointments is stored on Cliniko. Cliniko uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is a member of the Association of Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers in Europe.  Cliniko is GDPR compliant.

Paper records are stored at my home address in a locked filing cabinet. Access to the cabinet is only permitted to myself and my wife Katherine Terry who assist with book keeping and accounting.

In the event of my death, responsibility for client records will fall to Katherine Terry.





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