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Private Lessons

at your own yard or you pay hire of facilities.

1 hour private - £45

1 hour semi private - £30 per rider (2-3 riders)

1 hour group - £25 per rider (4-6 riders)

Blockings for Private lessons - save 10%


10% off 5 lessons paid up front
£200 instead of £225

Flat work / Dressage

Roland places a strong emphasis on the Scales of Training during flat work lessons. These are the stepping of training and riders of all levels can use then to help evaluate their horses progression. They also form the basis of how dressage tests are judged.  If you would like to set yourself a goal, Dressage Anywhere is an online dressage competition run in conjunction with British Dressage. You register and enter online. I will then film you ride your test, which will be uploaded. It will then be judged by a British Dressage. They will then email you a link to download and save your scoresheet.

Roland helping a rider during a dressage lesson
Roland Bellido teaching a rider over trotting poles

Pole Work

Pole work offers benefits such as improved horse and rider balance, suppleness, strength, rhythm, focus, and engagement of hindquarters. It also builds trust, adds variety, and serves as preparation for jumping.

Roland runs regular pole work clinics which have larger pole work exercises set up often incorporating raised poles.

Show Jumping / Grid Work

Roland tailors the lessons to meet the needs of his student, working to improve their technical skills as well as their confidence. Focus is on foundation skills such as the riders position, quality of the canter and riding correct lines to fences. He will work on specific exercises to add variety and fun to the session but also to help the horse improve their jumping technique.
Rider show jumping with Roland Bellido coaching
Horse and rider tacking a corner cross country fence with Roland coaching

Cross Country

Wether you are a novice rider looking to build confidence or an experienced competitor striving for excellence, Roland will work with you towards your goals while ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the cross-country course safely – learning how to understand the terrain, assess the risks and make sound decisions.

Private Lessons

Lessons will be tailored to you and your horse. You can work towards competition goals or just keep you and your horse focused while schooling. Why not try your hand at a 'Dressage Anywhere' test!

Group lessons

Why not get a group of friends together. Group lessons can be fun. You get to observe and learn from each other. Working around other riders in the arena will improve your riding ability and is a very good way of preparing for the warm up ring!

Competitive riders

As a qualified BHSII SC Roland can help riders working towards and competing at Medium level dressage, show jumping - Foxhunters and British Eventing Novice level.

Childrens Lessons

Roland has many years experience of teaching children. He ensures that lessons are fun and likes to use equipment to keep lessons varied.

Riding to keep fit

The connection between riding and physical fitness is undeniable. At times, having someone to motivate you beyond your limits is essential. A study conducted by the British Horse Society in 2011 highlighted that an hour of schooling or a group lesson could burn up to 360 calories, equivalent to an hour of pedaling at 10mph on a bike. This level of exertion can be classified as moderate intensity exercise.

BHS exam preparation

Having spent many years working within a BHS approved training centre, Roland is well placed to help with exam preparation for BHS stage 1, 2, 3, PTT and Riding and Road Safety exams, as well as Stage 4 and Intermediate Instructor qualifications.

If you want to get started, get in touch today!

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