“I have had many years of regular lessons with you on Rupert. I felt that you were a sympathetic instructor who had a knack of getting the message across without shouting. You definitely improved both me and Rupert as individuals and as a partnership.

You were also good at inspiring confidence and pushing us to achieve without pushing us too far and over-facing us.

I think that you genuinely liked teaching people (not all teachers do!) and seeing people gain in confidence and improve over weeks, months and years and that you had an empathy with both horses and riders.” Jane Jackson

“Roland has been my riding coach for over seven years. He has taught me from literally first time in saddle, through to buying a horse, returning to riding after two pregnancies, first rosettes and beyond.

Roland is endlessly patient, kind and encouraging - he understand exactly what you as a rider need when you need it... Whether it's pushing you harder because you can do more, explaining something in a different way so you can understand it, or just encouraging you to have fun and relax.... Sometimes all three in one lesson!

I feel safe that Roland always always knows what we are capable of, and that he is entirely motivated by seeing Jacob and I enjoy ourselves and improve. The sign of a good coach is feeling that the two of you are in a partnership, and every success Jacob and I have had has been as a result of our partnership with Roland. I would not hesitate to recommend Roland to anyone” Kate McHugh

“Roland has been a huge confidence giver in all aspects of riding. His approach is calm and helpful, offering clear insights into areas I could improve my riding. Roland has huge enthusiasm for his coaching and this comes across in his supportive and positive approach towards each individual rider and their needs. His lessons are well organised and very active providing excellent value for money.

I would thoroughly recommend Roland as an excellent riding instructor. ” Dr Diana Kenshole

Roland has coached me through my BHS stage 2, PTT and helped me work towards my stage 3. He has helped me improve not only my riding but my knowledge as well.

His teaching is consistently clear, supportive and adapted to me personally as an individual rider. He has extensive knowledge and is sympathetic not only to me as the rider but also to the horse. I would recommend Roland to any rider-from a beginner to a more advanced rider looking to further their riding career. Clio Georgiadis

“In the time I have been training with Roland I have seen the quality of work go from strength to strength. His positive, sympathetic and dedicated approach to coaching is backed up with a deep knowledge through years of equestrian experience coaching all levels and disciplines. He uses engaging exercises that really work and has a tremendous talent for bringing out the best in horses and riders. A true horseman and a thoroughly nice guy and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him. ” Jo McGhee

“Roland has help me and my big horse Dom since I first had him. Roland always cares, listens and reacts, his passion always shines through and I always feel like I've worked hard and achieved loads in all my lessons.

I can not speak highly enough of his professional manor sprinkled with his unique humour. ” Helen Grant

“Roland Bellido is a first-rate instructor. A lesson with Roland is always enjoyable and you will finish it feeling both more confident and more competent. Always good humoured and friendly, he works you hard with an eye to helping you develop your skills and have fun with your riding. ” Sophie Bowlby

“Roland has been an inspiration and incredible support to me and my Warrior, helping us to gel together, reading our strengths and weaknesses, leading me through the process of trusting my newly acquired beast.

He has been instrumental in making sure that Warrior was properly re-educated to hold himself better and be controllable so that I can enjoy him and progress through dressage and showjumping. He has given me lots of confidence to realise my ability, knowing when to push and when to hold back, suggesting different ways to dealing with the obstacles we have encountered. It's great to know I have somebody like Roland to turn to for advice and support. Thank you! ”Chrysoula Zervoudakis

“I am 62 years old and disabled and have been riding for about 30 years. Roland has taught me for the past couple of years. It would be all too easy to let me plod around doing nothing much, but every lesson I have had with him has challenged me to better my riding ability and/or the comportment of the horse.

Each lesson has been structured in such a way that the exercises undertaken build to the desired results whether they are for example, straightness, suppleness or impulsion in the horse; or accuracy, timing of the aids and position of the rider.

The instruction method is very much a two way process with Roland asking for suggestions of suitable exercises to improve the horse's movement, questioning me about the purpose of exercises set, and the cause and effect of something not going quite right! When things do go well, the praise is genuine and is to be highly regarded. Most of all, I shall miss Roland's patience, when I have the reins slip yet again or have collapsed in a metaphorical heap of exhaustion - failing to remember the magic word - Breathe! He will be much missed and I wish him the very best for the future.” Yvonne Hales-Hunt

“Roland is dedicated and so hard working! He has taken a personal interest in our riding improvements, and I know of all his other pupils and horses. He has always takes the trouble to come and say hello, both to Gallie our horse and us, even when clearly busy on other tasks and not instructing us. He has a great empathy with horses and ours clearly likes him a lot!

He has been very supportive before competitions, and has taken the trouble afterwards to check results, and then finding out how we felt the competition went, giving praise and encouragement; identifying good points, and in future lessons working on parts that needed improvement. He listens to what we say, and then devises lesson plans to cover those points, I always come away from his lessons feeling I have achieved the aim.

His lesson plans are considered, clear, focused and achievable, and in jumping lessons, he goes to considerable efforts to design arena layouts to achieve the object of the lesson. Flat work or jumping, Roland has been just great and has made a massive difference to my riding, he works you hard and you know what I have really enjoyed” Martin

“Roland has taught me for many years, initially on riding school horses and more recently on my own horse, Sparkie, who I have owned for 5 and a half years.

Roland has been involved in my training of Sparkie from the very start, when he was unable to trot a 20m circle, to the present day, which sees us competing at affiliated medium level dressage. Roland has consistently been a trusted pair of eyes on the ground and a source of schooling exercises and support and inspiration. I always felt that he believed me and Sparkie could do it, which was a huge support when things didn't go so well and a huge factor in our successes.

He manages a rare mix of insisting that you ride correctly without seeming picky or frustrating the rider! His lessons are always varied and useful, with a good mix of exercises that all relate to the correct scales of training for the horse and rider. I would highly recommend him as an instructor and an all round nice chap!” Jenny Brown

“Roland has endless patience and an uncanny ability to push us out of our comfort zone without us realising what was happening though we always knew we'd been in one of Roland's lessons! I'd be happy to recommend him to anyone no matter what level of rider they are.” Jane Skeats
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